We're out to create a world where all parents can afford care for their kids.

How we work

We believe setting the precedent to share our revenues with our users and empowering them to use those payments towards their childcare costs will help drive the cost of care down everywhere.

You'll also get to earn #CREWCoins by inviting other parents and friends to earn on our site. The more referrals register, the more you get paid! Our goal is to help your friends and family find and afford quality care.

We're creating a search engine where you can earn rewards while searching for your childcare needs. Each time you use CREW to search for care, you'll earn #CREWCoins to spend on childcare platforms who have opted into our universal childcare rewards program.

Interested in testing our platform and seeing how we're driving the cost of childcare down for everyone?

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We'll pay your childcare bill - no other care network or search engine can tell you that.

CREW Childcare Rewards App aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

1. No Poverty

We reduce poverty by eliminating the issues for low-income parents to access reliable, safe, and affordable childcare. This takes a huge burden off the shoulders of people who work and have children.

3. Good Health & Well Being

CREW provides the opportunity to have care and supervision for your family members during work hours, which improves the overall strain on the household.

4. Quality Education

CREW provides quality education by making a well rounded educational experience for all ages accessible and affordable.

5. Gender Equality

We help by supporting working women in their choices to have a family and work simultaneously.

8. Decent Work

CREW provides decent work to a plethora of people by creating access to a master directory of care options. This allows the care providers to expand their business and families can also work better knowing their children are safe and cared for.

9. Industry and Innovation

We support new industries and economic development with the social structures needed for expansion. We are helping to develop a huge industry that is childcare in a way that benefits all people.

10. Reduced Inequalities

By providing affordable and easily accessible childcare services, CREW supports parents in their career pursuits and makes work accessible for single-parent households.

11. Sustainable Cities & Communities

CREW links businesses and social structures in a new and innovative way so that resources (and people) don’t fall through the cracks. This helps grow the economy and develop a safe and trusted community of people helping each other.

16. Peace and Justice

We are making it more equitable for governments, rural areas and economic development agencies to operate in tandem to the people that live in the communities. That is to say, we serve the government and the people by offering a connection to the most basic of needs: access to work and protection for children.

17. Partnership For The Goals

CREW is the very definition of partnership by working with all the different communities involved: businesses, care providers, parents, and our competitors, to create a stronger and more equitable world. We strive to connect these people and communities so that we can help them help each other.

Source: United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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