CREW Childcare App: For Providers, too!

Dear CREWsers,

Once I was in a program aimed at cultivating self expression and leadership in which we had to pick a project (not for profit) to work on over the course of 3 months.

I picked field trips for kids. I wanted to create a way to get kids into the community and learn from the venues and people that surround them. So I hit off a project called “The Magic School Bus” – yep, it did everything the show did (but didn’t shrink or blow up the bus, sorry kids) and took kids on amazing field trips.

It failed.

The only win was that one school was able to get a new connection for future field trips that cut the cost I half.
(Sensing a pattern in my projects, yet?)
So when I struck out to redesign my passion project, field trips crept back into view. But how? How can I combine them?
Wanna know the answer? Watch now:

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