Mothers Day Tribute

CREW’s Mother’s Day Tribute- Happy Mother’s Day

It’s been a year for the books….and it’s only May.

Mothers this year may deserve special recognition for going beyond the modern expectations of a parent and taking on new responsibilities. Balancing work, life, homeschooling, cooking, pets, cleaning, and parenting…many moms (and dads) are asking themselves how much longer they can manage to hold it all together. On top of all those new responsibilities, some moms are now unemployed from company closures, or not having the option to work remotely, or even the inability to balance the two roles of working mom and homeschooling mom effectively within the same physical space.

Then add in that this is all happening during a PANDEMIC – so keeping the children safe and indoors is an ongoing battle as we as moms try to teach our kids to wrap their minds around the severity of our nation’s state….a concept that many adults seem to have difficulty grasping.

Thanks to mothers and guardians like you, our children’s educational growth did not become stagnant. You are the #UnderDogHeroes our future depends on.

So Today, Treat Yourself Like a Queen

Mothers Day Greeting

Despite not being able to go out and celebrate, you can still dress for the occasion. Here are a few tips for the #StayatHomePandemicMom:

A DIY Mother’s Day To-Do List

  • Schedule in #SoloMom time with everyone in the household – that means leave mom alone during this time….all of you.
  • Clean your chosen “Me” space: spray or burn essential oils, smudge with sage or other herb bundles, or light a couple of scented candles.
  • Soak in a hot scented mineral bath with relaxing music playing in the background. Fun fact, epsom salts contain magnesium, which up to 75% of Americans are suspected of not getting enough of in their diets.
  • Pick a comfortable outfit that boosts your confidence, style your hair, paint your fingernails, dab on a little perfume, and slip-on your most comfortable pair of slippers.
  • Support a local restaurant by ordering one of your favorite meals on Doordash, then set up the dining table with the special occasion flatware. Pull out Grandma’s silver and make it an event.
  • Enjoy some family time without allowing the added obligations and stresses that 2020 has brought upon us to intrude by meditating together as a family. Use this time to live within the moment, together.
  • Reach out to mothers that you know and shine some light on their day with a hand-written LovePop card. A few nice words can make someone you know struggling this year to feel special and if you’ve ever received a Love Pop card – you know how fun they can be.
  • Take time out to reflect on the positive things that motherhood has blessed your life with. Allow that energy to refuel you throughout the rest of this unfamiliar journey.
  • Last but not least, be proud of what you have accomplished this far without professional training or a manual to guide you.

One more thing…

We would also like to take out a #MomentofSilence for the moms we’ve lost, for the moms who have lost children, for those who have strained relationships with their mothers, or those separated from their mothers because of the pandemic or other reasons. We wish you light, love, and joy ❤️

Mothers day greeting
Happy Mothers Day!

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