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About CREW – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions and answers we've had about CREW Childcare App so far:

Where is CREW available?

Right now, CREW is available in the United States.

Who can participate?

Anyone over the age of 18. Please note that CREW does require a social security number for payouts over $1000 per year

What kinds of benefits do I get to pre-register?

Pre-registrants get special access to discounts, opportunities for first-look testing, upgrades, CREWCoins and gift cards!

What businesses should I add to CREW?

We’re looking to partner with businesses that want to list their products or services in CREW app, and market to parents, families.

You can also refer corporations or businesses that want to work together to provide childcare assistance to their employees.

Is there a limit on how many businesses I can add?

Nope! You can add as many childcare providers and centers that you’d like from any area in the US. There is a daily creation limit of 50 records (we need to make sure you’re not a bot!) but you can modify and add details to your existing records anytime.

Who should I refer to CREW?

  • Parents and families that need financial opportunity or support paying for childcare
  • Providers that want to expand their centers or fill their schedules, as well as control their online presence and keep all their profiles in one spot
  • Businesses or venues that host field trips, or want to list their classroom resource in our marketplace
  • Employers interested in childcare solutions for their staff

How does the app benefit Childcare Providers, Babysitters, Au-Pair?

Providers can put their own information into the app and get paid for the check ins and information they generate. They can convert and transfer that money for a small fee, or they can spend in our marketplace on discounted field trips and materials for their classrooms or services or their centers. Then, they can upgrade to be a premium member (not required) and post ads, receive parent payments, and get extra discounts in the marketplace.

How are you different than other care networks?

We’re including the other care networks in our model, so that parents can see all the places that a provider is listed online. Plus, we pay your childcare bill – no other care network can say that!

How does CREW make money?

In short: in-app advertising opportunities, marketplace and user upgrades, and the structure of our employee support program all contribute to the revenues we share with our members.

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